Els Goetghebeur

Els Goetghebeur

Els Goetghebeur

Els Goetghebeur is Full Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. She chairs the UGent expert Center for Statistics. She is chief-editor of ‘Statistics in Medicine’ and chair of the causal inference group of STRATOS ‘Strengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies’. Her research is devoted to the development and application of data analytic methods for primarily biomedical applications generally and with a focus on causal inference, survival analysis and quality of care.

Keywords: Biostatistics, causal inference, quality of care, survival analysis

Key publications
  • Silversmit G., Jegou D., … , Goetghebeur E., Van Eycken L. Cure of cancer for seven cancer sites in the Flemish Region, International Journal of Cancer (2017), 140: 1102-1110.

  • Jacobs B., Goetghebeur E., Vandesompele J., et al.. Model-Based Classification for Digital PCR: Your Umbrella for Rain. Analytical Chemistry (2017), 89: 4461-4467.

  • Varewyck M., Vansteelandt S., Eriksson M., and Goetghebeur E. On the practice of ignoring center-patient interactions in evaluating hospital performance. Statistics in Medicine (2016), 34: 1334-1350.

  • Van Rompaye B., Eriksson M. and Goetghebeur E. Evaluating hospital performance based on excess cause-specific incidence. Statistics in Medicine (2015), 34: 1334-50.

  • Vansteelandt S., Bowden J, Manoochehr B. and Goetghebeur E. On Instrumental Variables Estimation of Causal Odds Ratios. Statistical Science (2011), 26: 403–422.

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