Filip De Turck

Filip De Turck obtained the degree of Master in Electrical Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium in 1997, and the PhD degree in Engineering from Ghent University in 2002. In 2003 (May-November), I was a visiting postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University, USA. I was appointed Assistant Professor at Ghent University in 2004, Associate Professor in 2009, and Full Professor in 2014. He leads the network and service management team at the Department of Information Technology at Ghent University, and has currently a strong research interest in resilient softwarized network and service infrastructures, efficient anomaly detection and adaptive large-scale data processing. He successfully supervised 38 PhD students and is currently supervising 8 PhD students. His current google h-index is 40, and his publications obtained 8952 citations. He co-authored 180 journal papers listed in the Web of Science, and in total co-authored over 500 peer-reviewed papers in proceedings of international conferences and journals.

Keywords: Adaptive large-scale data processing and software systems for healthcare, anomaly detection, resilience of ICT infrastructures and services

Key publications
  • T Verbelen, P Simoens, F De Turck, B Dhoedt, Cloudlets: Bringing the cloud to the mobile user, Proceedings of the third ACM workshop on Mobile cloud computing and services, 273 citations, 2012
  • H Moens, F De Turck, VNF-P: A model for efficient placement of virtualized network functions, 10th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), 418-423, 238 citations, 2014
  • R Mijumbi, J Serrat, JL Gorricho, N Bouten, F De Turck, S Davy, Design and evaluation of algorithms for mapping and scheduling of virtual network functions, Network Softwarization (NetSoft), 2015 1st IEEE Conference on, 1-9, 182 citations, 2015
  • B De Vleeschauwer, B Van Den Bossche, T Verdickt, F De Turck, Dynamic microcell assignment for massively multiplayer online gaming, Proceedings of 4th ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Network and system support, 116 citations, 2005
  • R Houthooft, X Chen, Y Duan, J Schulman, F De Turck, P Abbeel, Vime: Variational information maximizing exploration, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 1109-1117, 104 citations, 2016
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