Stijn Luca

Stijn Luca

Stijn Luca

tel.: +32 9 264 59 34
research unit: BIOSTAT

Stijn Luca is Assistant professor at the Department of Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University. He is head of the BIOSTAT research unit. His research activities are centered on the theory and methods of statistical data analysis. Recent work brought contributions to the fields of extreme value statistics, spatial statistics and statistical quality control. He worked on a broad range of applications in the life sciences including species distribution modelling, study of citizen science data, industrial quality control and health monitoring (mhealth) among others.

Keywords: Applied Statistics, Life Sciences, Extreme Value Statistics, Spatial Statistics,, Statistical Quality Control

Key publications
  • A. Youssef, J.M. Aerts, B. Vanrumste and S. Luca, A localised learning approach applied to human activity recognition, IEEE Intelligent Systems (2020).

  • S. Luca, Modified chain sampling plans for lot inspection by variables and attributes, Journal of Applied Statistics 45 (8) (2018), 1447-1464.

  • S.E. Luca, M.A.F. Pimentel, P.J. Watkinson and D.A. Clifton, Point process models for novelty detection on spatial point patterns and their extremes, Journal of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 125 (2018), 86-103.

  • S. Luca, D. Clifton and B. Vanrumste, One-class classification of point patterns of extremes, Journal of Machine Learning Research 17 (191) (2016), 1-21.

  • S. Luca, P. Karsmakers and B. Vanrumste, Anomaly detection using the Poisson process limit for extremes, O’Conner, L. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, Shenzhen, China (14-17 December 2014), 370-379.

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