Wilfried Philips

Wilfried Philips is a senior full professor at Ghent University and scientific lead of imec’s newly formed Center of Excellence on Image Processing and Sensor Fusion. He leads imec-UGent’s research Image on Processing and Interpretation (IPI) and UGent’s valorization consortium iKnow, which focus on applications of big data science and has created 9 spin off companies. He is co-founder of Senso2Me, a company which provides Internet of Things services for elderly care. He is senior member of IEEE and fellow of the Belgian-American Educational Foundation.

Wilfried Philips’s research interests relate to image real-time computer vision and video quality improvement, with a strong focus on industrial applications. IPI’s research in this area has led to three spin off companies.

Keywords: Computer vision, automotive sensing, industrial inspection, machine learning, video surveillance

Key publications
  • Estimating the probability of the presence of a signal of interest in multiresolution single-and multiband image denoising. A Pizurica, W Philips. IEEE Transactions on image processing 15 (3), 654-665, 2006. 473 citations
  • Hyperspectral and LiDAR data fusion: Outcome of the 2013 GRSS data fusion contest. C Debes, A Merentitis, R Heremans, J Hahn, N Frangiadakis, … IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. Vo. 7 issue 6. 014. 129 citations + best paper award
  • An imaging system with calibrated color image acquisition for use in dermatology. YV Haeghen, JMAD Naeyaert, I Lemahieu, W Philips. IEEE transactions on medical imaging 19 (7), 722-730. 2000 160 citations.
  • Rosette tracker: an open source image analysis tool for automatic quantification of genotype effects. J De Vylder, FJ Vandenbussche, Y Hu, W Philips, D Van Der Straeten. Plant physiology, pp. 112.202762, 2012. 78 citations
  • An integrated method of adaptive enhancement for unsupervised segmentation of MRI brain images. JH Xue, A Pizurica, W Philips, E Kerre, R Van De Walle, I Lemahieu. Pattern Recognition Letters 24 (15), 2549-2560. 2003. 75 citations
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