Linked Data and Semantics

Bernard De Baets

  • Ontologies in food science

Dirk Van den Poel

Els Lefever

  • Cross-lingual word sense disambiguation
  • Automatic hypernym detection and taxonomy construction
  • Economic event extraction
  • Common sense knowledge acquisition

Erik Mannens

  • Fusion of Semantics & ML

Filip De Turck

  • Stream reasoning
  • Distributed reasoning
  • Complex event processing
  • Fusion of semantics & machine learning
  • Adaptive anomaly detection & root cause analysis

Ruben Verborgh

  • Decentralization

Sofie Van Hoecke

  • Semantic dashboards

Veronique Hoste

  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Semantic role labeling
  • Event extraction
  • Coreference resolution
  • Knowledge bases of denotational and connotational knowledge