Medical Technologies and Health Care

Aleksandra Pizurica

  • Medical image reconstruction and analysis

Dick Botteldooren

Dirk Deschrijver

  • Respiratory monitoring

Els Lefever

  • Medical terminology extraction
  • Conversion of medical text to medical codes
  • Mapping of expert to lay language

Filip De Turck

  • Personalized & context-aware services
  • Long-term behavioral change
  • Intervention strategies
  • AR/VR for healthcare services
  • eCare
  • Healthcare for children
  • Elderly care
  • Chronic care
  • Homecare

Joni Dambre

  • Medical image analysis

Nilesh Madhu

Pieter Simoens

Sarah Verhulst

Sofie Van Hoecke

  • Medical decision support
  • User behavior modelling
  • Wearables for brain conditions

Steven Verstockt

  • Data-driven bike fitting
  • Injury prediction (sports-focused)

Stijn Luca

  • Activity recognition
  • Personalized algorithms
  • Rare event detection

Tom Dhaene

  • Medical decission support

Tony Belpaeme

Veronique Hoste

  • Measuring mental health (depression, suicidality, ...)

Wesley De Neve

  • Medical image analysis

Willem Waegeman

Yvan Saeys